This very good boy can’t tell whether the screen door is open or not

Dogs are lovely creatures. But, let’s be honest, vision is not their strong suit. 

That’s probably why this adorable doggo had a little bit of a hard time figuring out what was up with the screen door of his owner’s house. 

Twitter user Jensen Kendall uploaded a video of her dog and his misconception about their screen door. This very good boy apparently can’t tell when the screen door is closed, which means that his owners have to pretend to open it for him. 

This little girl is doing a good job of pretend-opening a door, though. 

By the looks of it, the dog is so convinced that the door is closed, he doesn’t even notice when his snout technically passes the threshold.

Theory: this dog is a vampire, who can’t enter a house without being invited first. 

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‘Harry Potter’ fan finds old letter they wrote J.K. Rowling as a kid, finally gets reply on Twitter

Rowling responded to a letter a fan said they wrote when they were 11 years old.
Rowling responded to a letter a fan said they wrote when they were 11 years old.

Image: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

It’s never too late to send a letter to J.K. Rowling — even if it’s something you happened to write when you were a kid.

If you’re anything like the lucky fan below, you might just get an answer.

On Sunday, a Harry Potter fan from Sri Lanka tweeted a photo to Rowling. It showed a letter they said they’d written when they were 11 years old, after finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the first time.

Turns out sending it now proved to be a very good idea, because Rowling’s response came through less than 30 minutes later.

Every now and then, Twitter can be a magical place.

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